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  • $27.00 a sq ft out the door

  • NO hidden fees

  • includes taxes, shipping, etc

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We sell the beautiful Norman Woodlore shutters for $27.00 a square foot out the door. This price includes installation, shipping cost, surcharges. $27.00 a square foot with a life time warranty. You cant beat that!


What is Normans Woodlore Shutter?

Normans woodlore shutter is the worlds best selling shutter! Woodlor is made from wood composite MDF utilizing 95% of a tree. there process creates significantly less waste, and produces one of the most eco-friendly materials around. Pretty much a woodlore shutter is made of an advanced mdf(real wood). The MDF is encased in a Polypropylene Coating which protects the mdf, making woodlore a very durable product.

That is why Everything Residential suggests using a woodlore shutter in your home. Woodlore comes with a limited LIFE TIME WARRANTY

Woodlore shutters have a better consistency and durability than regular wood shutters. on top of that Woodlore shutters have a better heat resistance than vinyl and pac shutters. especially in phoenix Arizona, where the sun can burn your shutters causing discoloration. Woodlore shutters offer a life time warranty from fade, yellowing cracking, or chipping. Even better is the fact that these beautiful shutters won't stain, and there very easy to clean up.


Lets talk Options!

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Full Height - Full height shutters cover your window, from bottom to top and left to right. full height shutters are the most sold because its great at blocking out sunlight. Normans Woodlore shutters that are full height block out 92% of sunlight coming in. when using full height shutters you will have a beautiful casing that wraps around your entire window creating an elegant design factor to your home.

Double Hung -double hung shutters are essentially 2 shutters stacked on top each other. Double hung shutters can increase the price by 10%. an alternative to a double hung shutter would be having one shutter with a divider rail. that way you save money and it creates the same look

Cafe Shutter -Cafe shutters are perfect for having privacy on the lower half of your window but allowing natural light to come though on the top half of your window.  You can combine cafe shutters with drapes to bring an elegant design to your home while allowing natural light to come in. 

Custom Colors - When purchssing a woodlore shutter, you can get any of these colors; Pure White, Silk White, Pearl,Crisp Linen, String, Sea Mist, Stone Gray, BrownGray, Taupe Gray, however there are many more color options if you go with a woodlore plus shutter. Having a white shutter through out your house is by far the most common. Accent walls are a perfect location to have a shutter that matches this colors bringing a uniform look.

HArdware options

Panel Lock* - have small children and need to make sure your shutters are locked in place so your kids aren't hanging on them? Panel locks are a great idea for locking your shutters place. secondly, your shutters can be locked in place with your window open.

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Panel Pull* - utilizing panel pulls can be helpful form constantly grabbing the shutter itself. all the shutters clean up nicely but you can avoid cleaning your shutters often by using a panel pull instead of grabbing the shutter itself.


Invisible Hinge* - Invisible hinge is great if you want that uniform style to your shutter. instead of having a hinge that you see, the hinge itself is placed behind the shutter so all you see is a beautiful Norman Woodlore shutter

Invisible Tilt* - Norman shutters uses a rack and pinon design as a substitute for a hidden tilt rodd. this rack andpinon is inside the shutter itself.  invisible tilt is awesome, because over time, tilt road screws can become loose and needs maintenance. however the invisible tilt rodd will never need maintenance! most shutters come with a tilt rod that have staples attached to the shutter to open and close it. Invisible tilt as seen creates a more open view and a great design future to the shutter. 

Standard Tilt - Normans woodlore shutters come with a tilt rodd at no addiotnal cost. a tilt rodd is used to open and close the shutters with a rodd that is stapled to the louvers. A tilt rodd is the standard for any shutter you purchase. 

Offset Tilt - Offset tilt rods are perfect for windows in hard to reach spaces. The off set tilt rodd can be installed anywhere on the shutter. Off set tilt rodds are also great for creating a better view when you have your shutters open for natural light to come in. you won't have a tilt rodd right in the way of your view.

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For a general rule of thumb, the larger the window you have the larger the louver you will want. the smaller the window you have the smaller theliuver you want. If you have 2-3 inch base boards than a 2-3 inch louver will work. However if you have a large window with a view than we suggest going with a 4.5 inch louver, this way when you open your shutter you have more of a view.  Determining the size of louver for your shutter is crucial for the design, use, and location of your shutter!


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What does $27.00 sq foot get me?


STYLE - Full height shutter

WINDOW TYPE - Only square/rectangular  windows, no specialty shapes

COLOR- Pure White, Silk White, Pearl,Crisp Linen, String, Sea Mist, Stone Gray, BrownGray, Taupe Gray

LOUVER SIZE-  2 1/2'', 3,'' 3 1/2'', 4'', 4 1/2'' smooth elliptical.

WINDOW LIMITATIONS - 30'' single panel max 

24'' bifold max without a T-Post up to 96 inches wide. 4 panels at 24 inches. (LLRR)

up to 6 feet tall without a divider rail using the OB L frame

DIVIDER RAIL - includes a divider rail if you want one 

TILT ROD- standard tilt rod

HARDWARE - Hinges any color, except stainless steel.