Randy Carpenter

Father first and co-founder of IHS (Integrated Home Services). IHS later became Everything Residential. Before that, way before that, Randy was a concert lighting director and traveled for many national rock, country, reggae, pop and metal bands. After a few years of doing that, he finished his college degree and opened an office equipment company, Refurbished Copiers USA, headquartered in Ventura, CA for 5 years (Jet skis on the ocean, nothing better). While the copier business is still operating today, there just aren't many copiers still around. The digital age put almost put him out of business.

He had always worked with his brother, a purple heart Marine and union pipe fitter. He knew how to do it all. The copier company business slowed down after the crash of 2009. So we packed up the truck. Kin folks said Arizona is the place we ought to be. So we headed back to the place he grew up. Well, at least through high school (Westwood Mesa). Randy's really a southern boy from Marietta Georgia. So in 2010, he started remodeling for the Canadians in the East Valley while his son, Christian, played football at Mesa high School. Christian and buddies from his team and other schoolmates started working with us and we taught them our trade and how to become entrepreneurs. Understanding there is an alternative to the 'everyone goes to college' scam, we have been teaching the trades ever since.

AKA: Streets Lighting/Management owner, winner of the first MTV 

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basement tapes at Big Surf battle of the bands, Jed, "The Copier Guy" on News Talk 1010, "The Good Ol' Boy" on the Radio show The Preacher and the Good Ol' Boy featuring Pastor Dion Fowler, Father of two sets of twins (now that is Savage!), Vice President of the Ventura Buccaneers Youth Football League, producer of a show on TV called 'Buc TV' - a televised show that aired on Monday nights and Sunday mornings in Ventura County California showing my team (youth tackle football) with the CAC as one of the stars. Now we are building our brands Everything Residential and Savage. I put family first and I have always been a follower of Jesus.

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