Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making your home more energy efficient in the desert can be challenging due to the high temperatures and intense sunlight. However, there are a number of strategies that can be employed to make a home better and more comfortable in a desert climate. At Everything Residential (ERC) we have perfected these techniques, and want to share exactly how we make our customers’ homes reliable with low energy costs.


One of the most important considerations when building a desert home is to design it to take advantage of natural cooling and ventilation. This can be achieved through a number of strategies. Incorporating shading devices, such as eaves, overhangs, and shading screens, to reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the house helps tremendously. It’s also important to orient the house to take advantage of prevailing winds. Installing operable windows and vents allow for natural cross-ventilation.


Another key strategy for building in the desert is to use high-performance building materials and insulation. These materials can help to reduce heat gain and loss. They can improve the overall thermal performance of the house. Some of the most effective materials for this purpose include insulated concrete forms, structural insulated panels, and spray foam insulation.


Additionally, it’s important to pay attention to the roofing material, as the roof is the area of the house that is most exposed to the sun and heat. A cool roof, which reflects more of the sun’s energy, is a good option in desert climates. It can help to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the house, and can lower cooling costs.

Renewable Energy

Another important aspect of building an energy efficient home in the desert is to incorporate renewable energy systems, such as solar panels or a solar water heater, to reduce the home’s dependence on fossil fuels. These systems can provide a significant portion of the home’s energy needs and can help to lower utility costs.

Energy-Efficient Landscaping

Finally, it’s important to consider the landscaping around the house when building an energy efficient home in the desert. This can include using drought-tolerant plants that require less water, and creating shaded outdoor living spaces to provide relief from the sun.

In conclusion, building an energy efficient home in the desert requires a combination of different strategies, including natural cooling and ventilation, high-performance building materials, renewable energy systems and a carefully designed landscaping. The use of these strategies can help to create a home that is comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable in a desert climate. It’s important to consult with a professional, who has experience with desert climate, to get a complete and detailed analysis of the best strategies for your specific location and needs.

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