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Rustic is one of Everything Residential's favorite design styles and we utilized a beautiful rustic slab on this kitchen remodel in Awhatukee, Arizona. White raised panel cabinets feature a rustic slab with a modern backsplash.

To offset the beautiful dark countertop, the homeowners chose a mottled grey stone subway tile for the backsplash that helps protect the walls while adding drama and a nice neutral tone to the kitchen.


Some homeowners love using rich black tones in their kitchen designs. For this dramatic kitchen, we went with espresso cabinets and a stunning spectrum granite that brings a WOW factor every time you see it. The dark spots in the granite really compliment the espresso cabinets.

When cutting and installing your granite slab, it's very important to use the same stone on the countertops as your backsplash to ensure a continuous flow of the unique patterns. As you can see in the photo to the right, the beautiful fissures flow up the backsplash, perfectly creating a masterpiece. It's that kind of detail that makes work by Everything Residential stand out from the crowd.


This dramatic waterfall style countertops allow the granite countertops to extend down the side of the cabinets and makes your kitchen 10x more luxurious.  As seen in the photo to the left, the cascading edge combined with the thick profile makes this kitchen drool worthy for more than just the delicious food created and served here.

Everything_residential_kitchen_granite countertop_overhang_counter

The overhand ledge on this granite countertop creates the height of elegance and function, allowing the family to enjoy eat-in dining options, a place to relax and chat while the chef is cooking up a storm, or even a convenient space for the kids to do some homework or chat with their friends online. This is a great way to keep the kitchen a cozy and stylish focal point and hub in the home.


Everything_residential_kitchen_marble countertop_streamlined

Quality marble countertops bring an instant aura of elegance and style to your kitchen and bathrooms. Luxuriously smooth and silky feel makes working on them a pleasure and in terms of durability, you can't go wrong with marble. Once they're sealed, you can even prevent stains with ease. Naturally bacteria-resistant and nonporous, marble is an ideal surface for preparing food and rolling dough. It cleans easily with soap and water and looks fresh and clean for years of extended use.



Natural quartzite countertops are harder than granite so you'll enjoy years of life, free of flaws like scratches and etching. Quartzite features bold colors and veining that can make a statement, but also offers lighter color options that fit in with any design or color scheme. These one-of-a-kind slabs also have some of the best durability ratings among countertop surfaces with virtually no maintenance, etching or worries.


140 selections of natural and man-made stone for Kitchen, Bath, Shower, and for any and all other applications.